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Harmony House is a recovery house for men with a supportive sober living program. You can recover! Harmony House is primarily a setting for high-functioning men, age 25 and over.  We work best with those who are engaged in recovery, both first-timers and those who have relapsed.  If you're are still waivering a lot, that's okay but our program may not be right for you.  Harmony House is located in Levittown Pennsylvania.  We have helped countless men recover since 2005.  

Why Choose Us?

Harmony House accepts only men age 25 and over.  We are one of few programs in the county who have ANY staff who are professionals with college degrees.  We believe recovery living should be tailored to each specific individual.  "One size fits all" does not work for us.  We provide personalized support that relies on scientific research in addition to 12 step recovery.  Harmony House provides sober living for men who need no medication.  We do accept most medications except benzos.  We are also Suboxone and Methadone friendly, with years of experience dealing with medication assisted recovery, as well as drug free. We have just one recovery house for men, not an empire of houses with slick websites and lots of promises.

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Rent is $160 week a week or $600 month ($40 discount).  First and last weeks rent ($320) are payable in advance upon admission.  There is no intake fee.  Residents must be employed or have some other means of ongoing self-support, such as unemployment, disability or family support.  Most residents already have jobs.  Recently laborer work has been available through local temp agencies.  We have no bunk beds.  We provide bedding but food and personal items are not included.

Entrance Requirements

  • Must be drug and alcohol free and pass a drug test.

  • Age 25 or over.

  • Have a way of supporting themselves (job, disability, family support).

  • Participate in a telephone interview.  Call 267-750-0444.

  • If on medications, must have prescriptions and supply of medications.

  • Most of our residents are drug-free but we are Suboxone and Methadone friendly.

  • We do not accept men who are currently on Bucks County probation or parole.

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Harmony House is located Levittown, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia.  The house is in the quiet Red Cedar residential neighborhood in Levittown, close to shopping, public transportation, a library, banking and a post office. The SEPTA 128 bus is within walking distance.  The SEPTA Regional Rail Trenton Line is located 2.5 miles away.  Residents are permitted to bring their own vehicles.

There is a large living-dining room area, as well as a large back yard and garden, providing a warm atmosphere for recovery. The bedrooms are spacious and house two to three men each. There are no bunk beds. Two full bathrooms are available.

Length of Stay

You are welcome to stay at Harmony House as long as you like. A minimum commitment of 90 days is required, although most men decide to stay for 6 to 18 months. You will be part of our recovery family. You will be treated with fairness and respect by the management.

shared bedrooms with spacious closets

shared bedrooms with spacious closets

clean and well equipped kitchen

clean and well equipped kitchen

living room photo

lots of space to relax on the weekends or other free time


Support, structure, solid 12 Step recovery, with AA or NA meetings required.

  • Weekly relapse prevention group

  • Fair treatment by management

  • Clean, spacious, well maintained house

  • House phone with free local and long distance phone calls                                        

  • Washer and dryer included

  • Ultimate package FIOS tv and high-speed wireless Internet access (100/100)           

  • Weight-lifting bench and free-weights

  • Outdoor gas grill



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